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The operators of the online outlet formerly at this web address was found to be illegally selling replica Chanel merchandise. To prevent the further illicit sales of fakes, a lawsuit ensued and the judge ruled against the operator of to pay $570,000.00 in damages to CHANEL, and ordered the domain name transferred to CHANEL. For more information on replica Chanel, please visit


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Illegal products, such as replicas, knockoffs and fakes, are replicated and sold without permission by large menacing crime networks deliberately ignoring established laws regarding counterfeiting and intellectual property. The crime networks illegal conduct often spans far and wide, making its way into interfere with personal lives and communities. Money collected from the sales of knockoff bags has been reportedly often used to fund formidable criminal activities such as terrorism and personal identity theft.

Low Factory Outlet Prices For Chanel Replicas


Replica Chanel watches, handbags, wallets and sunglasses are often priced at low factory outlet discounts, sometimes listed at 80% off, but as a result are of very low quality raw materials and assembly which do not command the reverence for the supreme quality of a genuine. So it is important to remember that money given to a replica or counterfeit trader for poor quality merchandise will often line the pockets of crime organizations. That means that buying a replica could actually be construed as an exchange of a lackluster fake product for funds used in the proliferation of crime.

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Believe it or not, the continuation of certain crimes could be prevented by simply ignoring replica retailers online and opt for only authentic CHANEL.

A Guide To Replica Chanel Shops Online once resided the online marketplace along with other replica Chanel shops and outlets, including:

As with the former, all of these replica shops have been permanently restrained from selling fakes by decree of the United States District Court.