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The operators of the online outlet formerly at this web address was found to be illegally selling replica Chanel merchandise. To prevent the further illicit sales of fakes, a lawsuit ensued and the judge ruled against the operator of to pay $570,000.00 in damages to CHANEL, and ordered the domain name transferred to CHANEL. For more information on replica Chanel, please visit

Chanel Replica Bag Categories


The replica Chanel handbags and wallets at were organized into several departments: New Handbags Series Hot, Chanel Classic Style, Limited Edition Pendant, Chanel Cambon Series, Horse Hair with Leather, Chanel Sheep Leather, Cloth with Leather Series, Chanel Series Ball Profile, and Chanel New Wallet.

The New Handbags Series Hot featured the replica Chanel Black handbag, item number 37590, for a sale price of $186.00. The Chanel Classic Style department offered the replica Chanel Vermicelli handbag, item #1113, for the sale price of $172.00. The Limited Edition Pendant department displayed the replica Chanel Hong Mei handbag, item no. 46514, with the sale price of $168.00. The Chanel Cambon Series category presented the replica Chanel Bright Black handbag, item number 9005, sale pricing at $180.00. The Horse Hair with Leather item descriptions included the replica Chanel Coffee handbag, item# 06842, sale priced at $173.00. The Chanel Sheep Leather department advertised the replica Chanel Red Gold Sheep handbag, item number 1113, for a sale price of $178.00. The Chanel New Wallet category promoted the replica Chanel Red wallet, item no. 631, for the sale price of $77.00.

Replica Chanel Quality


The replica seller boasted that the replica bags were "made of highest quality materials blending with detailed imitation" which will exceed expectations. The truth is that it is highly unlikely that the materials are of the same caliber as a genuine CHANEL. And it is further unlikely that the replica factories would even have access to the exclusively superior raw materials chosen by CHANEL.

Replica Chanel Prices

Determined to make a profit on the sales of low priced knockoff Chanel handbags online, the quality of replica bags are often very poor due to severe cost cutting. To save on manufacturing costs, low-grade raw materials, substandard fabricated components, and employment of lesser skilled labor are utilized.

Replica Chanel prices on fake handbags are low, logically, as they are not actually CHANEL bags, but are often substandard attempts at replicating a CHANEL masterpiece. A Chanel replica purse will never be up to par with the original CHANEL.

Authentic CHANEL Handbags

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The quality of a fake Chanel bag or wallet will not be anywhere close to that of a genuine. The fine detailing by masterful CHANEL craftsmen can only be found in a genuine.

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