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The operators of the online outlet formerly at this web address was found to be illegally selling replica Chanel merchandise. To prevent the further illicit sales of fakes, a lawsuit ensued and the judge ruled against the operator of to pay $570,000.00 in damages to CHANEL, and ordered the domain name transferred to CHANEL. For more information on replica Chanel, please visit


Online Chanel Replicas Shop


The online store, Chanel Replica Bags, which specialized in selling replica Chanel designer bags, is no longer online as a replica retailer. The bags were found to be fakes which were not authorized to be produced and sold. Since the former owner of this website has been permanently removed from this website by court order, the knockoff Chanel bags are no longer available for purchase here on this site.

Replica Chanel Shipping

Whether buying a replica Chanel necklace, a replica Chanel purse, replica Chanel brooch, or knockoff Chanel shoes, Chanel Replica Bags made free shipping available all over the world, and promised to ship within 24-48 hours to be received within 4-9 working days via urgent delivery EMS (Express Mail Service), USPS (U.S. Postal Service), or Hong Kong post upon receipt of a confirmed order along with payment.


Online shoppers are often lured into considering a purchase from overseas replica traders when shipping methods are described in a straightforward manner. However, it is in the shopper's best interest to take note that often the product will not be shipped unless payment is received, and not take a chance with online discount outlets that are unfamiliar or unknown.

Payment For Replicas

Payment was accepted in the form of Credit Card, Money Gram and Western Union. Due to the illicit origin of the replica trade, which are often part of large networks of criminal organizations out to profit from unsuspecting online shoppers, placing trust in any monetary transaction can be foolhardy. Voluntarily sharing personal and financial information with an online replica shop never is a good idea. Rather, to shun replicas and stand firm with the authentic.

Replica Customer Care


To inquire about products and services contact information provided were email addresses, and skype address, but an address and phone number were not readily divulged to consumers.

When shopping online, it is prudent to beware of a replica seller who is missing an address and phone number in their contact information. Lacking the address and phone number gives the customer two less ways to contact the seller. This may very well be a red flag to watch out for.

In many cases where pre-payment is required by a replica online shop, the buyer would be hard-pressed to recover money lost if a delivery never arrives. As with the former Chanel Replica Bags online shop, money would have been lost to a store that no longer exists.

It is best to just walk away from online replica Chanel stores, regardless of the temptation to seek out a bargain 60% discount outlet price for a Chanel handbag.

Other Knockoff Chanel Online Shops


Other names of shopping websites appeared to be substituted for in the payment instructions:,, etc. Whenever there is such discrepancy within the replica store information, it is a cue to be skeptical about the seller.

Many online sellers of fake Chanel own multiple websites. As many as ten or twenty replica sites can be owned and operated by a single organization. Many websites of online replica Chanel dealers have websites with very short life spans. Some replica Chanel shopping sites appear on the internet for just a few months. To avoid getting apprehended some sellers of replicas and counterfeit items will unexpectedly shut down websites and hastily start up similar one elsewhere.

Shopping for Chanel Replicas Online


It is a well-known fact that caution and common sense should be used whenever shopping online. Because many seller of Chanel replicas are networked with international criminal organizations, any personal information or money provided to the seller might be risky. Giving away sensitive information to an illicit business may result in a threat to personal identity, security and finances.

The quality of a knockoff Chanel pair of shoes or piece of jewelry cannot be trusted to be anything similar to an authentic CHANEL masterpiece. To ensure that you are getting the confidence, trust, elegance and luxury you wish for, stay with the genuine.