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Knockoff, Replica and Fake Chanel Bags

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Is there a difference among knockoff, replica and fake Chanel bags?

A knockoff handbag by definition, is a broader term for a purse that is similar in appearance to the original but may of may not use owned and registered logos, names, designs, and other marks belonging to someone else. A knockoff can be an inspired or imitated, but is usually a counterfeit which is against many laws. When the knockoff product causes the least bit of consumer confusion by appearing too close to the original, even while not using owned marks, the knockoff seller can be sued for civil damages by the owners of the intellectual property. When any product uses registered trademarks, patents and copyrights without permission, the knockoff producers and sellers can be criminally prosecuted as well.

A replica handbag is an illegal product. A replica violates many anti-counterfeiting laws. It may or may not necessarily resemble the original, but it uses registered intellectual property owned by someone else without permission. Manufacturers and sellers of replica bags or any other product can both face civil lawsuits and criminal prosecution.

Fake Chanel bags, as with replicas, are counterfeit goods, fully enforceable by the laws.

Some people have expressed the opinion that a knockoff is better than a replica or a fake. Don't be misled. Usually a knockoff is a replica, and a replica bag is often of extremely low quality, far from the quality of the authentic.

I should be noted that the counterfeit trade often use knockoff, replica and fake inter-changeably, but rarely if ever use the word counterfeit. Other names often used by counterfeit rings for replica accessories are: imitation, mirror-image, copy, exact-copy, inspired, designer-inspired, and clone. Regardless of nomenclature, replicas are illegal products, usually of problematic quality, trafficked by networks of criminal organizations.

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