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The operators of the online outlet formerly at this web address was found to be illegally selling replica Chanel merchandise. To prevent the further illicit sales of fakes, a lawsuit ensued and the judge ruled against the operator of to pay $570,000.00 in damages to CHANEL, and ordered the domain name transferred to CHANEL. For more information on replica Chanel, please visit


Chinese New Year CHANEL Gifts

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When choosing a CHANEL gift for a loved one for Chinese New Year, be absolutely sure that what you are buying is the genuine. It could be a disaster to get a fake as it could negate everything that can be great about the new year. No one really wants to start off the new year on the wrong foot with a fake. Be happy and start the new year with only authentic genuine CHANEL.

Happy Chinese New Year.

CHANEL Designer Handbag Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are approaching quickly and gift ideas and ultimate gift guides can be a great help.

The best advice while shopping for a CHANEL bag is to be sure is an authentic CHANEL handbag, and not a replica. Fake Chanel bags often found at replica designer handbag outlets for a cheap price are not CHANEL at all. Cheap designer bags are products that might be discounted in price, but unfortunately might also discounted in value and quality. Replica designer handbags are illegal and do not add up to the value of an authentic CHANEL bag. Replicas are fake and do not embody the quality and high luxury standards of the genuine.

If designer handbag discount outlets are avoided, and only the authentic is chosen as a gift, holiday and Christmas gift shopping will likely be much simpler and safer. Getting a real CHANEL purse can be a secure basic one step process, that is to just go to a CHANEL boutique. The receiver of the gift of an artisan crafted authentic CHANEL bag will surely be pleased beyond words.

Replica Chanel Bags

CHANEL Beige CC 61c Chain Handbag Not A Replica

Rumors spread rapidly and before you know it people start believing them, and eventually become misinterpreted as fact. What makes it worse is that some people want to believe the rumors as an emotional reaction, to make themselves feel good or satisfied. Doubts about rumors dissipates as it suits them.

Rumors about replica bags are often started by insidious replica shops which offer to sell illegal products. It's best to be prudent so not to be tricked by the rumors. Staying cautious will protect your money, save your reputation, and prevent unfortunate circumstances.

There was a rumor being spread by counterfeiters, who were aiming to make lots of money, that replica handbags were being made by the same factories in China who made the original. That was not true. There was also rumor among online replica shops, who intend to impress potential buyers, that their replicas were overruns or overstock items left over from the initial productions. Again, this was not true.

We, at Chanel Replica Bags, wish to encourage everyone to help squelch the rumors, avoid replica shops online, and be sure to purchase only authentic CHANEL from the CHANEL boutiques.

Discount Designer Bags Trap

CHANEL Camel Chain Handbag Not A Replica

It's best to remain wary and avert falling into the clenches of discount designer bags outlets. By having your sights on the real thing and by staying focused on what makes a CHANEL handbag a luxury to fancy, anyone can certainly guard against being fooled by disreputable replica traffickers.

For the most part, online replica stores are not to be trusted. Firstly, all the bags they stock and sell are fakes, and in turn an illegal enterprise to be involved in. Just about any interactions with such a business fortifies further crimes. Secondly, buying replicas online could compromise sensitive personal and financial information, as some knockoff handbag outlets have been found to be actively colluding with networks of crime organizations engaging in cybercrime and personal identity theft. Thirdly, but equally significant, avoiding replicas could actually decrease the number and severity of crimes in neighborhoods, cities, and even internationally. Passing up any opportunity to purchase a fake designer purse could help to divest funds from reaching the wallets of crime syndicates.

All of us at Chanel Replica Bags encourage everyone to stand prudent and be careful not to fall into the trap of discount designer bags.