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The operators of the online outlet formerly at this web address was found to be illegally selling replica Chanel merchandise. To prevent the further illicit sales of fakes, a lawsuit ensued and the judge ruled against the operator of to pay $570,000.00 in damages to CHANEL, and ordered the domain name transferred to CHANEL. For more information on replica Chanel, please visit


Are Replica Chanel Handbag Outlet Stores Trustworthy?

CHANEL Shoulder Bag Not A Replica 240c

Replica Chanel bags, not the original, are often sold at replica outlet stores. CHANEL does not have handbags for sale at factory outlets, therefore it is best to stay away from such retailers to avoid buying a fake.

It is prudent to be in doubt about an unfamiliar or recently appearing website offering discounts for luxury high-end designer handbags. More often than not the operators are part of a network of criminal organizations who use profits made towards ancilliary crimes such as identity theft, cybercrime, and even terrorism.

Rather than taking a chance on a replica, you can put your trust in purchases made at the CHANEL boutiques.